Is Wishcraft Real?

Many a self-help maven assures us that if we visualize something unflaggingly it will manifest. That’s the essence of The “Secret.” Think and it will be so. Mind your mind. Don’t entertain negative thoughts. Ignore the inner critic. Stay focused on the prize and you will win the prize. It’s true that our mind is […]

The Body Issue

The yogis tell us that our body is a rare and wonderful thing and that even the angels are envious of us humans because as embodied beings we have free will to manifest the highest form of divinity: the experience of Infinity from the vantage of the finite.  We humans tend to over-identify with our […]

The Energy Lab

August is an “8” month, 8 being the number of the Pranic Body. Our Pranic Body represents our ability to hold a charge, recharge, and be charged particles in the dance of life. What is energy? Energy is defined as the ability to do work. i.e., stored potential. It’s the underwriter for action, expression, life […]

How Much Do You Really Know About Kundalini Yoga?

Evolving Kundalini, began as a Facebook Group to provide community support for demoralized yogis in the wake of the YB revelations. It has also become obvious that we need to course-correct Kundalini Yoga. EK is now formalizing. As part of that initiative, we have developed a Qualification process because to honor this sacred science it’s […]

Straight Talk About Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is the engine of the soul and the energy of Life Itself. A scientist might call it the ‘Basic bio-energy of our being.’ A Chistian mystic, the ‘Holy Ghost,’ or ‘Christ Consciousness.’ A psychologist, ‘ ‘A universal archetype in the growth of the psyche.’ The poet Dylan Thomas’ fine line: “The Force That Through […]

The Dark Mother

Q: Do you feel that the Divine Mother is also the dark mother? I heard that the Divine Mother is only the compassionate mother, not the destructive Feminine. Do you agree with that? I’m not sure I do. I feel they both offer the Divine in their special way. What do you think? Blessings, A: […]

10 Things a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Should Know

If you are a Kundalini Teacher, congrat-ulations! By sharing these priceless practices you are by default a deliverer of destinies. In helping people get off of the wheel of karma and onto the wheel of Dharma you are contributing mightily to the easing of human suffering. If you are a Kundalini Yoga practitioner, it’s illuminating […]

Your Destiny Key

Our sun sign represents our soul type. Our North Node, its highest expression. These are key placements in astrology that inform our Destiny. This year, on June 21st, when the sun and north node align, the door to our greatness will be open wide. Each of our lives see-saws between fate and destiny. Our fate […]