Is Wishcraft Real?

Many a self-help maven assures us that if we visualize something unflaggingly it will manifest. That’s the essence of The “Secret.” Think and it will be so. Mind your mind. Don’t entertain negative thoughts. Ignore the inner critic. Stay focused on the prize and you will win the prize.

It’s true that our mind is a powerful thing. Nevertheless, there are some missing ingredients to the Positive Visualization method. Let’s start with the recognition that the Universe has bigger things on its plate than our paltry petitions. Our culture aids and abets an all-pervading narcissism, a symptom of which is the conflation of net worth and self-worth.

Nevertheless, all things being equal, there is a mechanism at play that informs the bestowal of blessings. The ability to be a master manifester requires vast amounts of energy. Living in a way that honors energy is indeed the greatest secret. We can listen to motivational talks ad nauseam but psych-ing ourselves up is not a sustainable strategy. The most direct way to gather energy is the practice of conscious breathing and conscious living. Conscious breathing recharges our “pranic body.” Conscious living “husbands” that energy. An energy surplus translates into healing, abundance, and super-abundant creativity.

The pranic body has a resonance with the navel/solar plexus, both of which relate to the Manipura Chakra. The Manipura Chakra supports positivity, which in itself is a self-fulfilling prophecy. What’s great about the Navel Center is that, when it’s well-aspected, it’s not about making the right decision, it’s about making the decision right. We are able to orchestrate a positive outcome even when the hand we’re dealt is problematic.

Our Throat or Vishuddha Chakra is also part of the “wishcraft” constellation. When well-aspected the Universe recognizes our word as true, therefore whatever we say or imagine must be so. When we make a habit of being truthful and direct our Throat Chakra blossoms.

Our prayers tend to be answered when our “arcline,” is strong. Our arcline is an energy arc from earlobe to earlobe across the hairline. There is a resonance between the arcline and our Third Eye. Our arcline is a signal multiplier. Through the agency of the arcline, our prayers are like laser beams piercing the heavenly heights.

Our eighth chakra is our aura, the integration of all of our chakras broadcast to the world. As like attracts like, we do tend to receive what we put out beams for.

Sometimes when we have wounding in a particular chakra and the chakras above and below it try to fill the gap. That’s only a holding action. We need to address the wound to bring the blocked chakra back online. A symptom of a “blocked chakra,” is that certain areas of our life seem decidedly sluggish.

So, what’s the real “Secret?” Why do some people seem to have the uncanny ability to dial up whatever they want? Do they have karmic charisma or is their good luck a coincidence? All things being equal, there is a mechanism for success in every venue of life. As Kundalini Yogi’s we have it within our power to self-empower, be fearless, and be potent. That means we can bring things into being. After all, Spirit will not be denied (providing what’s being sought is in alignment with the greater good.) Can we be clear (with ourselves and the Universe) about what we truly want? Have we made space in our lives for that thing? A Kundalini Yogi is fluid and flexible and knows that wish fulfillment is not so much a matter of us petitioning the Universe, it’s the willingness to embrace what the Universe asks of us.

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