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August is an “8” month, 8 being the number of the Pranic Body. Our Pranic Body represents our ability to hold a charge, recharge, and be charged particles in the dance of life.

What is energy? Energy is defined as the ability to do work. i.e., stored potential. It’s the underwriter for action, expression, life animation, and great inner leaps. Most people live “underwater,” —they expend more energy than they have. Energy is the antidote to entropy. If we have enough energy we can be energy multipliers

drains: emotional holding and addiction to emotional drama, dependence on substances, sexual activity or preoccupation that is not loving, all forms of stimulants, food lacking life force, skewed power dynamics, and constant craving. It sounds just like the Hollywood scene!

So, is the answer to live a life of serenity and quietude (if you can afford it!)? Yes, but in the eye of the storm. We’re here to live and experience, but with the caveat that we learn to maintain ourselves in balance and compensate for life’s inevitable expenditures. How is this accomplished? Kundalini Yoga!

The concept of kriya represents the process of coming back to (energy) balance. There are three ways that we acquire and/or liberate our energy:

• Conscious Breathing

• Sacred Sound

• Freeing Up Tension.

Most of us don’t consider chanting as a method for energizing, but actually when we chant mantras Cosmic Energy streams into the “solar centers” at our crown. This accumulated (non-physical) energy can move mountains, i.e., shift us to more optimal outcomes, turn fate into Destiny, and propel us toward our life’s purpose.

Our Pranic Body represents our relationship with energy. How we “husband” it, dance with it and direct it. Conscious breathing restocks our pranic storehouse. The maxim for the Pranic Body is Fear to Fearlessness. When our Pranic Body is well-aspected our “cup runneth over,” and we become automatic healers and galvanizers. Our Pranic Body is the energetic counterpart to our navel/solar-plexus/adrenals. This is where we’re plugged into the power station of the Universe.

What are we to glean from all of this? Don’t rely on coffee or toffee for energy. Rather, rely on the sacred elixir of the breath and resonance of the Beautiful Names. Honor energy by not taking it for granted and it will matriculate in you. Where energy originates is where we’re headed: home to Source.

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