Your Destiny Key

Our sun sign represents our soul type. Our North Node, its highest expression. These are key placements in astrology that inform our Destiny. This year, on June 21st, when the sun and north node align, the door to our greatness will be open wide.

Each of our lives see-saws between fate and destiny. Our fate points to tragic circumstances and is decidedly not fun. A good amount of karma can be miraculously circumvented by taking refuge in the dharma, invoking our best self, and aligning with our true path and purpose. How do we recognize our true path and purpose? We’re not provided with a dossier at birth, but the Universe provides vital clues like a lighted walkway along a garden path at night. When people appear unexpectedly to help us with important projects it’s often a sign that we’re on the right track. Just like our Soul Number in Tantric Numerology, there is an astrological configuration that provides cogent insight into what our Destiny truly entails. It’s a shortcut to unveiling what we came here to accomplish, master, manifest, overcome, or resolve.

At the time of our birth, our magnetic psyche is criss-crossed by the pull of the planets and lasers of the stars. That configuration creates an energetic template that constitutes a script for everything that comes after.

Our birth chart features Lunar Nodes that represent the highest and lowest points of the moon’s orbit (“ecliptic”). The highest point—the North Node—guides us toward our destiny, and the lowest —the South Node—is our soul’s history.

Note that the Universe’s conception of our success may be very different from our ego’s. Some are meant to be in the public eye and rock the world, while others are meant to live simply and explore the facets of human interaction. Each person has a unique path. Either way, honoring our soul is key to successful living. We may have spent decades barking up the wrong tree. Knowing our nodes can provide the guidance we’ve been waiting for. Please refer to this chart to discover your North Node and read below about your soul purpose this time around.

North Node Aries

You’re here (metaphorically) to be a principal dancer, not an understudy. You’ve spent too much time empowering other people to shine based on your hard work. It’s time to create your own brand and to step into the spotlight. Be a visionary! Be one of a kind. Be the type of Teacher / Healer whose offerings are unique and unprecedented.

North Node Taurus

You’re here to learn how to be financially independent and self-sufficient. The days of letting people disrespect your boundaries and convincing you to toe the line for the sake of their success are over. Your life lesson is to learn how to provide for yourself from the ground up. Rather than opt for the security of being a 9-5 drone, don’t be afraid to be an entrepreneur. Rock your art. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who elicits mainstream appeal without sacrificing quality or depth.

North Node Gemini

You’re here to learn how to “play the game,” of this human life a bit more adroitly. Now is the time to speak up and be noticed. Step up onto your spiritual soapbox. You have the public speaking gene and can express the inexpressible. Kundalini Yoga Teacher anyone? Don’t let “big-picture thinking” be your escape clause. Ground down into the here and now. Think universally but shine exactly where you are. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who is available and accessible. Build a “scene,” where none existed before.

North Node Cancer

You’re meant to explore your emotional, feminine and maternal side and the feeling of truly caring for someone and being cared for in return; of building and nurturing the home (figuratively or literally) you’ve always deserved. Your soul is learning how to master something other than success and status. Your soul is seeking a deeper connection with your roots, a beautiful family unit, genuinely heartfelt friendships, and the feeling of your heart becoming wide as the sky. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who provides a safe/welcoming environment for your students/clients. Serve tea and cookies after class or organize a pot-luck dinner.

North Node Leo

Lucky you! Your entire life assignment is to have fun and generate delight for others. You’ve spent lifetimes making your needs secondary. You’ve chosen the welfare of the collective (tribe) over your own far too often. Now, you’re ready for an inner revolution. This lifetime is all about stepping into the spotlight and expressing your unique creativity. Flare your flare and enjoy the ride!

North Node Virgo

You’re here to be of sacred service. You’re a high spiritual being with a soul contract to assist in an important spiritual mission. With your South Node in Pisces, you’ve spent many lives ascending spiritual heights and reaching high levels of psychic awareness. Your intrinsic connection with other realms provides you with a visionary capacity but in a very down-to-earth way. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who meets people exactly where they’re at and elevates them from there.

North Node Libra

You were born to learn how to be an exemplary partner in all its iterations. Your relationships, are your most significant life focus, especially if they help you to see the world through another’s eyes and grow. Because you were born with your South Node in Aries, you’ve spent many of your past lives on your own. You were likely someone who stood alone as a leader who could not relate to others. You may have been someone who rode off into the sunset far too often. You’re ready to make compromises for the sake of true merger. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who revels in collaboration.

North Node Scorpio

You came into this life to solve the mysteries of the Universe and pierce the veil of material reality. You require more than just money and security in order to feel happy. You crave meaning. Your past lives granted you wealth and status. Now your soul is a little bored with material pleasures. Been there, done that. Your choices will teach you the beauty of surrendering to the unknown. Gamble on something grand. Open your heart to something—or someone—because the fall is worth the risk. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who embodies pure devotion.

North Node Sagittarius

This mutable fire sign is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and expanding into the world. You may have spent many of your past lives rocking the social scene locally. Find the courage to bring big ideas into form. You may be way ahead of your time. Be persistent. Your South Node in Gemini may prompt you to habitually say what others want to hear. Your North Node wants you to ignite people’s imaginations. Don’t be afraid of being controversial and to bask both in the limelight and God’s light.

North Node Capricorn

This disciplined and ambitious sign is guiding you toward becoming a provider and protector; someone who can get the job done and excel as a leader, especially when it comes to the public realm and business world. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to become an alpha dog, dog. Because your South Node is in Cancer, you’ve likely spent many past lives as a caretaker, wife, mother or nurturer. That’s why people feel so comfortable around you. You may be a late bloomer but like Desdemona’s rose, you will lend luster to the garden of the world. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who attains professional status.

North Node Aquarius

You were born with an exalted spiritual mission, to turn the wheel of dharma for the betterment of all beings. Confidence is an easy aptitude. In your past lives, you were highly beloved and sought-after. Now you’re ready to go deeper and let go of extravagance and self-serving to give glory to the One. You are an influencer and could easily become a revolutionary, a great leader, a famous activist, or a trendsetter. Whatever your expression, let your efforts foster a better world. Be the type of Teacher/Healer who can lead people on a magical mystery tour.

North Node Pisces

You may be wary of things that seem illogical because you’ve spent previous lifetimes learning how to focus on facts. Common sense solutions are your metier. You chose this life so that you could learn how to provide consolation and hope. You’re not here to fix the issue, but to learn how to accept it for what it is. You were born to embrace the full extent of your love and spirituality. Embrace your intuition. You have all the potential of becoming a masterful spiritual counselor healer, groundbreaking artist, or a sojourner of worlds, a bridge between here and hereafter.

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