Kundalini Yoga Start Here

This all-in-one workout is for Kundalini newbies and seasoned yogis as well. It includes a Breath Series, Warm-Ups, A Quick Energizing Set  (a great way to get up and get going), a Set to “Raise Kundalini in Quick Order, The essential Long Ek Ong Kar Meditation, and more. Modifications are given so everyone can always participate. This will be your go-to practice when you want to be energized and inspired!


Kundalini Yoga for Abundance

Abundance means that blessings abound, not to us but through us! In this multi-faceted sequence, we’ll clear fear and cultivate primal potency  so that our soul can express itself. Like all of Ana and Ravi’s videos, this workout has it all from the mundane to the miraculous.