Straight Talk About Kundalini Energy

Kundalini is the engine of the soul and the energy of Life Itself. A scientist might call it the ‘Basic bio-energy of our being.’ A Chistian mystic, the ‘Holy Ghost,’ or ‘Christ Consciousness.’ A psychologist, ‘ ‘A universal archetype in the growth of the psyche.’ The poet Dylan Thomas’ fine line: “The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower,” is the perfect encapsulation of Kundalini.

Life aspires. Life evolves. Life finds a way. When this energy is flowing optimally in us we can live lit up, vital and inspired. Kundalini is the energy of inner evolution and super-abundant creativity. It lights up our chakras system so that we can be full-spectrum beings. Kundalini opens the door to spiritual awakening but because it magnifies whatever is present in our psyche. Thus, as a matter of course, we need to purify our egos commensurate with our Kundalini Yoga practice.

In Kundalini Yoga we use a strong base of Nam (Name) which consists of the Names of the Infinite such as Sat Nam and Wahay Guru in the Sikh tradition and the 99 Names in the Sufi tradition. The goal of Kundalini Yoga is ultimately not necessarily to raise Kundalini but to attain Self-Realization and to be of service to the world. When Kundalini is present we become highly motivated to use our gifts to heal, uplift, and inspire. There are degrees of Kundalini Awakening but the greater our attainment the more we must be humble.

Is kundalini energy dangerous? The purported negative experiences we may read about online are actually describing the ABSENCE of kundalini energy (and the presence of energy blockages). Kundalini is a healing energy that promotes balance and fulfillment.

There are a number of checks and balances built into Kundalini Yoga so that we never access more energy than we can gracefully accommodate at any given time in our spiritual development. Fibromyalgia, PTSD,bipolar disorders, heavy metal toxicity, and candida, etc., are sometimes misdiagnosed as “kundalini syndrome.” In these cases, people are helped immensely by practicing Kundalini Yoga, seeking proper health care, and making healthier lifestyle choices.

Kundalini Yoga strengthens our nerves, balances our glands, purifies our bodies, and stabilizes our emotions to provide proper insulation as we raise our wattage. This process is gradual and graceful. Kundalini Yoga gives us the tools to become healthy, happy, and fulfilled, and to manifest our potential and greatness.
Thus, it’s more dangerous NOT to do Kundalini.  

Kundalini Yoga can only be considered dangerous if we want to remain asleep and maintain the status quo. It can also be considered a threat to the powers that be because it helps us to become autonomous beings, and thus harder to manipulate or control. 

The ultimate reality, God, or the experience of Infinity exists, and blossoms in us. This uncoiling or manifestation process is known as Kundalini. This creative potential is already part of us and it is everyone’s destiny to express it. How can it be dangerous? It is an unlimited power that is the essence of our consciousness. It was meant to blossom and our systems are designed to gracefully accommodate this energy. This is a normal capacity that the ancients reveled in but in the present time most people don’t utilize.

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