The Kundalini Yoga Book – Life in the Vast Lane


The Kundalini Yoga Book by master yogis ANA BRETT and RAVI SINGH is your ultimate guide to this dynamic inner and outer yoga system. Ravi and Ana share these techniques in their much loved fun, accessible and non-dogmatic style. Supercharge your life with dozens of beautifully photographed workouts to help you profit from your practice, streamlined, symmetrical, inspired, and on top of the world.The Kundalini Yoga book is designed to help you get your essential practice in no matter how busy you are. Each chapter features easy to follow instruction as well as insider information about the benefits of each exercise. Nourish yourself with food for the soul as well as cutting edge alignment tips. Draw inspiration from Ana and Ravi’s candid and entertaining stories about their own path and process. In addition, the ancient and modern history of Kundalini Yoga (based on years of research) is presented.


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