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How often are new classes added?

New content is added regularly. This includes new Kundalini Yoga workouts, and Tutorials as well as our Classic titles.

What to expect

In an Ana & Ravi class you will: Get a full body workout. Learn the purpose of each exercise on every level: body, mind and spirit. Share in Ana & Ravi’s in-depth knowledge of physical anatomy and its metaphysical counterparts. Learn how to modify an exercise to minimize physical discomfort, maximize results. Be assured of Ana and Ravi’s personal concern for your well being. Experience uplifting chants and meditations.

A typical Kundalini Yoga class normally starts with a breathing exercise. Then we do some spinal warm-ups and stretching followed by a special set called a Kriya. A Kriya is a poetic progression of exercises that work in concert to create a synergistic, multi-dimensional, exponential effect. One Kriya might focus on the de-toxing the liver, or working through creative blocks, mastering your moods, or possibly developing will-power.

After doing a set we relax on our backs for a few minutes. Then we end class with some form of meditation. Whatever the focus, by the end of every class you will feel energized and relaxed, focused and expansive, all at the same time

Before you start

Be sure to consult with your physician before commencing any new fitness program. We’re
always here to provide general help and support but this should not be used in lieu of medical

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Life is more than skin deep and Kundalini is the energy of life itself. When it’s flowing optimally
we can live lit up, firing on all cylinders, embodying our greatness.

Kundalini Yoga blends breathing, movement, stretching, meditation, chanting and the science of
sequence. The poet Dylan Thomas’ phrase, “the force that through the green fuse drives the
flower,” is the perfect definition for Kundalini. It’s Life aspiring, the creative motivating force
within us. Kundalini empowers us to shine, prosper, and excel in all things. It’s the common
denominator for all forms of self-healing, inspiration, and transformation.

I’m a beginner, is it suitable?

Yes! Ana and Ravi’s workouts are for all levels. We offer modifications for challenging exercises so that you can always participate. With a range of different streams available you can decide how often and how challenged you want to be.

I’m a long time yogi or athlete, will I be challenged?

YES you definitely will be! We offer a range of different classes to choose from. What makes Kundalini Yoga advanced is not only the length of the exercise but your willingness to be present with your practice and to be both subtle and strong.

How do the classes work?

We’ve designed the classes so you can do them anywhere & everywhere & with minimal to no equipment. We’ve designed the full classes to be complete in terms of stretching, strengthening, energy balancing and opening, and more.

How do the memberships work?

The memberships come in three tiers: Basic, Membership+ and Mentorship+
The Basic Membership allows access to our new video streams.
Membership+ allows access to our new video streams and the Raviana Classic Collection.
Mentorship+ allows access to all of the above plus free attendance to Ravi’s monthly workshop and weekly classes.

Can I drop in if I don’t have a membership?

Unfortunately, no. This is a membership by subscription plaform. We do offer a 7 Day Free Trial.

I’m subscribed, what now?

Welcome to Raviana Yoga Streams. Log in using your email and password. Select from the online studio which classes you want to take and you can start! New classes are added regularly week so be sure to check in regularly to see them.

What if isn’t for me?

No worries! Send an through an email to and we’ll work through any concerns with you. Or, you can cancel your subscription at any time via log in –profile (top right corner) – membership – cancel subscription. Please note that your subscription
will be in effect until the next payment is due.

How do payments work?

You have a subscription, so once you make your first payment, all the work is really done. Payments will come out on the date of subscription, and each month after (unless you’re on a longer subscription). You can cancel your subscription at any time via your profile with complete
access to Raviana until the end of your paid period.

My videos are cutting out!

That’s not great! Networks can have random cut-outs that can interfere with streaming media content. Try updating your browser to the latest version. Then clear your cache (following the instructions here and restart your computer. We suggest switching browsers to Chrome or Firefox. They’re our top picks. If you’re still having problems, try calling your internet provider.

I forgot my password.

No worries at all! Go to FORGOT MY PASSWORD button underneath the NEXT button on the LOGIN page.

I’m not receiving any emails.

They might be hiding in your spam folder. Check your details on the settings page to make sure your email is entered correctly.

I’m unable to log in.

Try updating your browser to the latest version, then check that your cookies aren’t set to ‘blocked’. Next, clear your cache (following the instructions here If it’s still giving you headaches, make sure you’re using the correct email and password for the account you’re signing into.

How can I contact you?

For general enquiries, email us at
Please note that while we are active on Facebook and Instagram all member enquiries do need to come through via email for us to guarantee that we will be able to help!

I need tech support!

If you are experiencing any technical problems please contact our tech team at Please note that we cannot confirm that any question or queries sent through social media will be answered. Please send an email as soon as you have any problems and we’ll help you as quickly as possible.