Dream Yoga

Given that we spend approx. 1/3 of our life sleeping, it makes sense that we would want to extend our yoga practice to our sleep time. We suggest chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before going to sleep. This protects us from the chaotic, parasitical, trickster, and mostly negative, thought forms, entities, and wayward spirits that inhabit the lower astral. It will also make sure that our dream yoga efforts serve the highest good.

There are five types of dreams: 1. Subconscious purging. 2. Symbolic prompts from our deep psyche. 3. Astral journeys. 4. Spiritual mentorship. 5. Direct experience of higher dimensions.  

Often our dreams will be combinations of the list above. The more clear we can be the more profound our dreams and the more clear the guidance we are able to receive. Our subconscious releases a lot of debris in the pre-dawn hours. It’s important to meditate at that time to that debris doesn’t sink back into our subconscious and has a negative effect on our life and relationships.. 

The first step in our dream work, which may take years, is to become aware of ourselves in our dreams. To remember that we are dreaming. The second stage is to manipulate our dreams by doing something that helps us to be fearless, such as jumping off a cliff (in our dream!) and fly, or putting out a fire with our hands. The next step is to be able to change small objects in the dream into big ones, etc. 

After gaining control over objects and their transformations we should realize that our dream body is as insubstantial as the other objects in the dream so that we can become awareness itself. We come to realize that we are not our dream body. Then the conscious dreamer can alter their body’s shape or make their dream body disappear altogether. Finally, in the sixth stage, we create the image of deities or saints from our chosen path with the realization that they are doorways to the Divine. 

Two very auspicious occurrences may take place in your dreams: We may also find ourselves doing our spiritual practice in a dream. Also, great Teachers from our chosen lineage may come to us in our dreams and teach us. If either of these things happen take special note of everything and hope that your cat doesn’t decide to wake you up because it wants to be fed!

A great Meditation to help with all of the above is Trishula Kriya which is in our book (The Kundalini Yoga Book – Life in the Vast Lane) in the Methods of the Masters chapter. Bottom line: Unless we can train ourselves to be awake and aware while we’re dreaming, then we may never learn to be awake and aware when we’re not sleeping!  Maybe we’re dreaming now. To what extent can we control and upgrade this dream we call life? When will we wake up and will we be able to use everything we’ve gone through to inform that new clarity in consciousness?

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