Sacred Sound

Q: I’m in the middle of a forty day practice of a breath meditation while listening to So Purkh in the background & it does not seem so simple to me! I wondered if you could either do a newsletter on the art of listening (to the soul) or tell me what listening means to […]

A Beautiful Balance in Tree Pose and Life

Q: Sat Nam, Ravi and Ana, I have practiced K.Yoga for 15+ years, 11 of those every single day,yet I still can’t do Tree Pose without tipping over. Sometimes I can maintain it for a bit, but everymoment I’m tense waiting for the inevitable wobble. I have so psyched myself out that I expectto tip […]

Cat Wisdom

Most agree that cats are mystical creatures and are a yogi’s best friend becausethey tell us how to be. As we take our soul journeys they are our intrepid guides. Felines combine grace, fecundity, and gentle care with fierceness, one-pointedness, swiftness and grace. Gods ascribed with these qualities were often represented with feline features.Close cousins […]

Relationship Acquisition and Preservation

The saints and sages remind us that in higher consciousness we are never alone, Nevertheless, it certainly helps to share that sense of completeness with another sojourner on this life path. For optimal living, there are four boxes we need to check : Diet and Health.Career and Finances. Love and Relationship. Life of the Spirit. […]

Did We Steal Kundalini Yoga?

Q: I confess that I stopped doing Kundalini classes b/c I have never fully embraced Sikhism, altho’ I routinely do the chants and kriyas. Am I stealingthe yoga without giving the Gurus their due? Don’t know, but in any case, I would love to “meet” others who may be in the same boat. Spiritual yes. […]

Are You Having a Mid-Life Crisis?

Q: I am entering my 40s? Do you have any advice on how not to have a mid-life crisis?A: It may not be possible to not have a mid-life crisis. It represents a rite of passage that we needto enact. It’s an important stop on our hero’s journey.Here are symptoms many experience when a mid-life […]