Cat Wisdom

Most agree that cats are mystical creatures and are a yogi’s best friend because
they tell us how to be. As we take our soul journeys they are our intrepid guides.

Felines combine grace, fecundity, and gentle care with fierceness, one-
pointedness, swiftness and grace. Gods ascribed with these qualities were often

represented with feline features.
Close cousins of cats as we know them co-existed with lions and cheetahs on
the African savannah. They were called African wildcats. They began their
association with humans by congregating around granaries where succulent
rodents could be had.
People began to welcome their presence and a beautiful friendship was born.
The Egyptians came to admire these furry phenomes for both their rodent
rapaciousness and complex, dual nature.
Bastet is the best-known feline goddess from Egypt. Initially depicted as a
lioness, Bastet assumed the image of a cat or a feline-headed woman in the 2nd
millennium BCE. Although she combined both nurturing and violent qualities, her
shielding and motherly aspects were typically emphasized.
Cats are said to be able to absorb our illnesses and transform them. Many of us
have had the experience, when ailing in bed, of having our purring feline sit on
us and work their magic. The first time I (Ravi) ever sat down to do a personal
mediation practice (TM) my then cat (Rebel), jumped right into my lap. Very
uncustomary behavior for him! Once I did a particularly powerful Meditation and
felt that I’d crossed a threshold. My then cat Tourmaline (who Ravi Hari, a NYC
Kundalini Teacher had rescued from under a parked car in the freezing Brooklyn
night) communicated her surprise at encountering me on the other side of the
Here are some prompts for how to utilize cat-inspiration to purr-fectly improve
your practice and life!
Catalyzer – Kunda-cats quicken the air around them. Their molecules dance
with Infinity. They are evolutionary change agents. Wherever they go, everything
looks the same but exists in a new and rarefied light.

Catapult – Kunda-cats launch themselves and everyone within their sphere over
the wall of every limitation. The evolutionary path is non-linear. Great leaps
happen when sparkling insights and energy merge.
Catnap – Kunda-cats know how to replenish their energy. They take walks in
nature, sleep on puffy pillows in a splash of sun, and run in joyful circles chasing
a feather on a string.
Cathartic – Kunda-cats are fastidious yogis, in a constant state of purification.
They eschew all that is not pure in favor of manna from heaven. The ancient
Egyptians rightly assessed that our feline friends are deities among us.
Catchall – Kunda-cats are information gatherers. They gaze out the window for
hours looking for the slightest perturbation in the environment, not to mention
that they walk in two worlds as a matter of course.
Catacomb – Kunda-cats are as home in the underworld as the overworld. The
deep psyche is their playground. Cats were considered by the ancient Egyptians
to be the guardians of the Underworld: for this reason, disciples of the High
Priest of Osiris, Imhotep, kept thin, white-furred cats in the temples.

Catwalk – Kunda-cats walk in radiance and shine to be divine. When a Kunda-
cat enters a room they are the cynosure of every gaze, bright and beautiful. And

they are adept at ignoring catcalls!
Catbird – Always in the catbird seat, Kunda-cats maintain a seventh chakra
overview. They are nonchalant in the face of high drama and passiona when
nothing seems to be going on.
Cathedral – Kunda-cats forever reside in the temple of the soul. Earth and sky,
or the simple room they’re in is their cathedral, a monument to every mouser.

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  1. I enjoy your website, obviously, but you should check the spelling on a number of your posts. A number of them have numerous spelling errors, which makes it difficult for me to tell the truth, but I will definitely return.

    • Ravi Singh

      Hi Cat,

      Thank you for your feedback and suggestion for improving our site! Can you let us know what posts you are referring to? The copy for the streams, or the blog posts? Sat Nam & Blessings! Ravi & Ana

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